Velocity Rowing Machine Reviews

Velocity Rowing Machine Reviews

Top Velocity Rowing Machine To Pick For Your WorkoutPersonal trainers, fitness enthusiasts and athletes are looking for the top Velocity Rowing Machine because of the numerous benefits its regular and proper use can bring.

Keep in mind that regular rowing contributes to effective weight loss, stress reduction, and muscle tone development.



Make A Smart Choice

The best Velocity Rowing Machine combines the characteristics of the best rowing machine. Indeed, these qualities should be used as a criteria in choosing the top rated rowing machine.

• Sufficient Size For Most Users

Be sure to ask about the dimensions and weight limit of the rowing machine when it’s fully assembled for two reasons. First, it should fit the height and weight of as many users as possible, whether it’s for residential or commercial purposes. Second, it must fit into the space where it will be positioned, whether it’s in a corner or center of the home gym.

TIP: Add at least two feet of space around the Velocity Exercise Magnetic Rower for convenience. The user should be able to get on and off the rower easily, as well as perform the rowing movements without impediments.

• Ease Of Assembly

Most, if not all, rowing machines usually require assembly before use. It should be easy to assemble, preferably with just a few basic steps and tools involved. Read the customers’ reviews to get a general idea about this matter.

• Complete Information On Easy-to-read Monitor

The top Velocity rowing machine has an easy-to-read LCD or LED monitor that displays the relevant information about each rowing session. The information can include the duration, distance, speed, number of strokes made, calories burned, and heart and pulse rate. The monitor may also display the pre-programmed exercise programs, which the user can choose from.

• Comfortable Use

Check that the Velocity rowing machine has comfort related features. These features are a must because you will likely spend 30 minutes or more on it – the more comfortable it is, the more likely you can adopt proper form, technique and time. These include padded seats, foot pads and handles, as well as low noise level.

• Stable And Strong Construction

The best Velocity rowing machine should also be made of strong materials, such as stainless steel or high-grade aluminum, for durability and longevity. It must also be built with stability in mind especially since rowing can be a vigorous activity at high speeds or during high-intensity interval training.

With a Velocity Exercise Magnetic Rower, you have the assurance of the best possible value for your money. This is because the rowing machine has a reasonable price coupled with practical features, durable materials, and sturdy construction. Plus, the warranty is among the best in the industry, usually with separate warranties for the frame, parts and labor.

You should also choose a Velocity rower that you will actually use on a regular basis. There’s no sense in getting the most affordable or the most expensive when its features don’t meet your needs and wants. You will just let it gather dust so it becomes a waste of your time, energy and effort.

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We have to say that the top Velocity rowing machine is a worthwhile investment! You will enjoy the health benefits of rowing from its regular and proper use, as well as enjoy the exercise machine for several years.

Magnetic Rowing Machine

Velocity rower is a magnetic rowing machine, one of the more popular types of resistance for residential and commercial uses. Basically, it works by varying the distance between a spinning flywheel and strong magnets; the spinning flywheel, in turn, is attached to the handlebars via chain.

The resistance levels – the aspect that partly determines how easy or hard your workout can be –are adjustable, too. The adjustments can be done via either mechanical sliders or console controls (i.e., digital).

Advantages Of The Best Velocity Rowing Machine

• Very Quiet Operation

You may even say that it’s almost silent. You may hear a slight whooshing sound with each row but it’s so subtle that it’s virtually non-existent. You will appreciate its quiet operation whenever you want to listen to music, or watch a television show, or meditate while rowing.

• Wide Range Of Resistance Levels

You can choose from several resistance levels according to your physical condition and fitness goals. You may, for example, start your workout at an easy resistance level for warm-up. You can then increase the resistance level for greater intensity before switching to an easier level (i.e., high-intensity interval training or cool-down).

• Smaller Footprint

The top Velocity rowing machine usually has a smaller footprint than water and air resistance rowers. You can use it even in your small apartment so you can exercise in the privacy of your own home.

• Little Maintenance Required

The rower only requires regular cleaning of its external parts for maintenance purposes. You don’t have to worry about too many moving parts falling apart at once.

But a magnetic rowing machine like Velocity Exercise Magnetic Rower doesn’t stimulate the experience of rowing on water. This shouldn’t be a deal breaker if you only want the workout, not the rowing-on-water experience.

Recommended Products

One of these products can be your best Velocity rowing machine. Again, you have to choose a rowing machine that addresses your needs and wants in it. You can then get the best value for your money because you’re actually using it and, thus, enjoying its benefits.

• Velocity Exercise Magnetic Rower


Velocity Exercise Magnetic Rower UnitAlso labeled as CHR-2001, the rower features a combination of electronic tension control and drum magnetic control for optimum operation. The combo generates the best possible friction necessary the improvement of cardiovascular endurance and the development of muscle strength.

In layman’s terms, you will appreciate the smooth operation that the magnetic rowing machine provides with each movement. Regardless of whether you’re a beginner on a low resistance level or an athlete cross-training on the rower, you can perfect your rowing skills on it. You will not experience uneven starts and stops, which can otherwise adversely affect your technique.

Of course, even the top Velocity rowing machine will be of little use when you’re form and technique are incorrect. You should, for example, aim for fluid and continuous motions when rowing.

The aluminum frame is as stable, strong and sturdy as can be, although keeping within its weight limits is a must. Even at a fast pace, the frame will stay as steady as can be – no wobbling, no jarring, and no leaning to the sides.

The overall design also ensures maximum comfort for the user. You can row on the Velocity Exercise Magnetic Rower for more than 30 minutes without feeling sore on your rear, hands and feet. Your rear is cradled, so to speak, in the molded foam padded seat.

Your hands can keep their grip on the rubberized handles, even when these are already sweaty from your exertions. Your feet can push against the foot pedals with the assurance that these can withstand the pressure.

The magnetic rower also features an easy-to-read computer monitor. You can easily see your progress in terms of your:

• rowing time
• distance covered
• strokes per minute
• calories burned
• pulse meter
• heart rate

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You can also choose from 12 programs including six pre-made programs and a single manual program. Your workouts will be more varied resulting in better results.

Other great features on this top Velocity rowing machine are:

Heart rate monitor strap. This is a useful addition for people who adopts heart rate based exercise programs.
• 275 kilos maximum user weight
• Very quiet operation
• 5-year warranty on frame, 90-day warranty on monitor, and 30-day warranty on all other parts

You will find that it’s easy to assemble since there are only a few loose parts. Be sure to read the instructions manual first for fast assembly, about 20 to 30 minutes.

• Velocity Exercise Indoor Rowing Machine


Workout Using Velocity Exercise Indoor Rowing MachineThis is widely considered as the top Velocity rowing machine, too, for many reasons. First, the sturdy and strong metal frame can withstand 30-minute intense rowing without wobbling and jarring movements. Your rowing experience will be smooth and fluid since you’re not worrying about the rowing machine collapsing under your weight or leaning over the side.

The driven flywheel mechanism contributes to the smooth and fluid experience on the rower. You can also thank its design for its ultra-quiet operation, a must-have feature when you want to concentrate on your rowing movements, not on an annoying sound.

The fully lit monitor is easy to read, even from a short distance. You can choose from 12 pre-set user programs via the console, too. You may even position it in a way that you can see its display even when you’re rowing, thanks to the adjustable monitor arm.

The rowing machine also comes with a heart rate strap. You will be able to monitor your heart rate as you exercise, an add-on necessary in heart rate based exercises. You can see your heart rate on the monitor, too, along with other relevant information like duration, distance and speed.

Your comfort while on the rowing machine is also assured. You have the benefit of a padded seat, adjustable footrests, and padded handlebars.

Other features to love are:

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Foldable design rower for easy storage
• Wheels for fast and easy transport
• 275-pound weight limit
• Compact footprint (9×4 feet)
• Solid construction
• Adjustable arms and pedals

Emphasis must be made about the adjustable arms as these allow for better rowing. No wonder than many people consider it as the best Velocity rowing machine.

• Velocity Exercise Vantage Programmable Air Magnetic Rower


Velocity Exercise Vantage Programmable Magnetic Rowing MachineOf the three rowing machines discussed here, the Vantage is considered as the top-of-the-line top Velocity rowing machine – or the cream of the crop. This isn’t surprising because it’s filled to the gills with useful features.

First, the rowing machine’s flywheel and fan structure generates a smooth and strong torque. This means your rowing experience can be as smooth as rowing on water while also providing strong resistance. Your workout can be as easy or hard as you want it to be, thanks to the 16 tension resistance levels.

In fact, a rowing machine is one of the best cardio exercise machines for this reason. You can use it for your high-intensity interval training program – start at the lowest level for warm-up, increase it to moderate level, and alternative it with high level of resistance. The alternating intervals of low-high activity increases your heart rate and metabolism.

Second, the extra-large, back-lit LCD monitor is easy to read, a must since you want to see the information about your exercise session. You can also adjust its height so you want see it from your preferred angle.

Third, the programs are aplenty, too. These include manual and race modes, as well as five heart rate controls, five user profiles, 12 presets, recovery mode, and watt control. You can set your preferred mode on the LCD monitor.

Fourth, the large seat is designed for optimum comfort. You will like the padded seat with lower back support that, in turn, rests on lightweight yet sturdy aluminum rail. You can easily get on and off the seat, too, thanks to the sufficient clearance between the seat and the floor; the stress on your knees is reduced.

Plus, the large foot-pad can accommodate almost any feet size. You can adjust the fit in seconds and, once you’re feet are propped against it, your balance increases.

Other features that make it the top Velocity rowing machine are:

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• Whisper quiet operation, thanks to the nylon band
• Built-in heart rate monitor
• Foldable design for easy storage in limited spaces
• Four wheels for easy transport

You will not hesitate to pay for its relatively expensive price. This is a great rowing machine, after all, so the price is justified.

When you have purchased the top Velocity rowing machine, you should actually use it. Your exercise program can involve 15 minutes of moderate rowing, if you’re a beginner, and then gradually increase it to longer periods and more intense levels. Your mind and body will benefit from the exercise – and that’s exactly why you made the investment in it.