Stamina Body Trac Rowing Machine Review

The Stamina Body Trac Rowing Machine – Stunning Piece Of Equipment

Stamina Body Trac Rowing Machine - An Amazing Workout UnitStamina is a company that has produced a number of fantastic rowing machines. The prices on several of these rowing machines are quite high, but the added costs reflect the incredible workmanship that goes into producing exercise equipment under this brand name.

Does this mean that all of the great rowing machines baring the Stamina name are automatically costly? NO WAY! The Stamina Body Trac Rowing Machine bearing the number 1050 is extremely reasonable in price. The full name is the Stamina Trac Glider Rowing Machine 1050 and it absolutely should impress those looking for a great rowing experience.

Newbies to home workouts might not be 100% familiar with what various different exercise machines are intended to deliver. A good rowing machine is supposed to help support a full body workout that burns calories and assists with muscular development. This particular rowing machine fits such a description perfectly.

The Rowing Machine Experience

The purpose of a rowing machine is — not surprisingly — to mimic rowing a sleek boat out on the water. Not very many people have experience with actually rowing a boat so they are equally unfamiliar with just how incredible these types of workouts are. And yes, ROWING IS A WORKOUT! All the muscles of the body are stressed and not just the arms. Cardiovascular conditioning gets a boost, too.

Working out on a rowing machines provides a way to get a similar experience and benefits found in actual rowing. A home unit, especially a compact rower, allows for accessing such a helpful workout at any time in one’s own residence.

With consistent effort with these types of workouts, nice results may be experienced over time. Of course, owning the right rowing machine helps the cause immense. This is where the Stamina Body Trac Rowing Machine could prove very appealing. The rower really does deliver on promises.

A Full Body Workout

“What’s all this about a full body workout?”
A lot of the buzz and hype surrounding full body workouts is well deserved.

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Full body workouts hit a number of different muscles in the upper and lower regions. With so many muscles engaged in the workout, fat burning increases. The muscles speed up the body’s metabolism in order to heal the muscles after a workout. This adds on more calorie burning beyond what was achieved through the actual physical activity of rowing.

A full body workout also contributes to symmetry. When working only the lower body, the lower muscles gain improvements but the upper body is neglected. With a Body Trac rower by Stamina, this won’t be the case. So, the body ends up being more symmetrical in appearance since the arms, legs, core, and other muscles.

Quality plays a major role in whether or not a rowing machine is able to do what is required of it. Stamina is definitely known for producing quality products in the market. The Stamina Body Trac Rowing Machine Glider 1050 does rise to the level of a high-quality unit. That is a big plus in its favor.

The Customer-Friendly Design

One major positive to this particular rowing machine is it is EXTREMELY PORTABLE thanks to being very light in weight. Since the rower is intended for home use, no one wants to struggle with lugging it out of the closet and dragging it in front of the television.

Such images of a brutal commencement to a workout session won’t be part of the mix when using this Body Trac rower. The device is easily movable and doesn’t present much trouble.

Nor is there really any trouble with the assembly. Difficulty in the assembly of exercise equipment does drive people more than a bit crazy. Yes, the option exists to hire a service to put the device together but that really runs up the overall monetary investment in the equipment.

The Great Resistance

Resistance is a term that usually brings up negative connotations. Not too many people want to experience resistance to their workout sessions. With the Stamina Body Trac Rowing Machine, resistance is a good thing. In this particular case, the varying levels of resistance are similar — to a slight degree — to the resistance free weights deliver when gravity pulls against them.

A rowing machine is a lot different than exercising with free weights and various other types of exercise equipment. The basic concept of using resistance doesn’t really change. Gravity creates tension, which leads to an effect on the muscles and calorie burning process. The more resistance, the more effort is required to perform the exercise.

The inclusion of resistance in a rowing machine allows for keeping workouts different and preventing the body to becoming too used to a particular level of effort. This device provides enough levels of resistance to come up with numerous workout plans.

One thing to point out here is more resistance is not the only way to go. Sometimes, low or moderate levels of resistance and effort are best depending upon particular goals or the type of workout being engaged in.

Also, rushing to workout at the highest level of resistance before being ready should be avoided since this approach is often self-defeating.

Solid Construction And Durability

The Stamina Body Trac Rowing Machine is not easy to put together because it is made up of low-quality parts. The craftsmanship that went into producing this rowing machine truly allows the rower to stand out from various other budget models on the market.

The rowing beam, a very important part to say the least, is made out of very durable aluminum. The frame itself is made of solid steel. The word “durable” is not thrown around simply as a nice adjective. Stamina truly has designed a rowing machine that is built for significant use over an extended period of time. Consumers and users, of course, do need to care for the machine properly in order to ensure the machine does not suffer unnecessary damage.

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On a side note, a bit of artistry went into the creating of this particular rowing machine. The machine looks more than just functional. The unit looks highly-stylized, which adds to its value. For most, function is going to be the most important trait. The machine, as already noted, absolutely does deliver on function. The special look is an outgrowth of the amazing “on the water” mimicking aspect of the machine.

Amazingly, the incredibly durable rower is also easy to fold up and place in storage. As nice looking as this rowing machine is, not too many people want it to remain a permanent fixture in their living room or bedroom. Since the system folds up pretty easy, the presence of the rowing machine only has to be on an “as needed” basis.

Tracking The Workouts

Trying to figure out how long a workout went or how much effort went into the process should never be a guessing game. Thanks to the solid monitor affixed to the Stamina Body Trac Rowing Machine, no one has to guess about anything. Merely looking at the very clear to read screen will tell the entire tale.

The monitor reveals some very basic — but important — stats. Calories burned is probably what many are going to be interested in.

Keeping tabs of calories consumed and calories burned greatly assists with staying on a proper weight loss program. Maintaining accurate logs of calories burned can be tough. Being able to review a clear display of calories burned can compensate for that.

Keeping track of the duration of the workout in relation to calories is equally helpful. Some may need a longer workout and others would prefer a shorter and intense one. The availability of several resistance levels and the display of time elapsed reduces the chances of dealing with any ambiguity.

The Price Is Right

The cost associated with the Stamina Body Trac Glider 1050 Rowing Machine is one of the most reasonable ones available. The rower can be purchased for not too much over $100. The price is incredibly low for a machine made with steel and aluminum. The presence of a very comfortable seat further makes this rowing machine a great deal.

The frustrated home fitness consumer is often the one who is ready and willing to purchase a special device, but is not able to do so because the price is too far out of the range of being affordable. This is not going to be the case for those who check out this solid rower from Stamina. The price is great for the budget conscious.

A Tremendous Number Of Customer Reviews

While not every review for this rowing machine is completely stellar, the presence of an enormous number of positive reviews is hard to ignore or dismiss. Amazon reveals more than 2,000 reviews with an average rating of “four stars”. Such a solid rating is extremely impressive considering the diverse needs of the more than 2,000 customers.

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People who leave review do have a tendency to be more critical than positive so all these excellent reviews really should mean something to a potential consumer. A good review is hard to acquire. Receiving an average rating of four stars among 2,000 reviews is pretty stunning.

A Rower For The Home

The Stamina Body Trac Rowing Machine is well-built, inexpensive, and does the job of delivering a solid rowing workout. Those in the market for a rowing machine for the home should check it out.