Kettler Kadett Rowing Machine Reviews

Kettler Kadett Rowing Machine Reviews


Kettler Kadett Rowing Machine For Daily WorkoutThe Kettler Kadett Rowing Machine is a product of Kettler, a German manufacturer of a wide range of fitness equipment. Established in 1994, Kettler is the new kid in the block of the competitive fitness equipment industry but it has already established a reputation for excellence.

If you’re interested in its fitness equipment, here’s our Kettler Kadett rowing machine review. We actually tested the product as well as compiled the consumer reviews related to it. We have to say that it’s one of the top rated rowing machines in the market today.

If you happen to come across a Kettler Kadett rowing machine sale, you’re well-advised to consider its purchase. You’re making a wide investment in a fitness equipment and, thus, your health.

What We Love About It

German-made products are known worldwide for their superior engineering and the Kettler Kadett is proof of it. You can use it for tough workouts, such as when training for a rowing competition or cross-training for a marathon. You may use it as many times in a week as needed, all without worrying about the rower falling apart.

Such reliability comes from its sturdy, strong and stable frame. Made of high-carbon, powder-coated steel, an extremely durable material that can last for several years, especially with proper care and maintenance.

The Kettler rowing machine comes with a lifetime warranty on its frame; the warranty pertains to breakage. This is proof that the company stands by the excellent quality of its product.

You can also place it on either a hard floor or carpeted floor. In either case, it will sit well for as long as it’s a flat and even surface.

Here are other things that we love about it.

• Outrigger Rowing Style

Many Kettler Kadett rowing machine review also praise its outrigger style of rowing. You will enjoy a highly realistic sculling motion, which closely mimics rowing on water. Since your workout is characterized by smooth and fluid motions, it will be more effective and efficient, too.

Keep in mind that effectiveness and efficiency in movements are a MUST in any full body workout. You don’t want to waste your time, energy and effort on rowing yet not getting your desired results. You can easily adopt the proper rowing position, thanks to the rower’s ergonomic design as well.

• Adjustable Resistance

The Kettler Kadett rowing machine has two industrial-strength hydraulic pistons for resistance during the rowing motions. These pistons are connected to adjustment knobs that can be turned left and right to change the resistance levels.

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You can choose from 12 resistance levels, thus, adding more variety to your workouts. However, you may want to use this feature for your high-intensity interval training, too. Also, you have the choice of changing the resistance level at any time during your workout, such as from easy for the warm-up phase to hard for the workout proper.

• Easy-to-read LCD Display

The Kettler rowing machine has a high-resolution LCD digital display. The easy-to-read monitor displays basic information about the workout Distance, Time, Strokes, Energy Consumed, Pulse Rate and Frequency.

You can plan your workout program based on the information displayed. For example, your workout today can be based on the number of strokes made and the distance covered. You can change your plan the next day by basing it on the time spent or energy consumed.

You can preset one of these aspects. The rowing machine will then sound an alarm (i.e., ping) when you have achieved it. You can, for example, set it at 30 minutes and you will be alerted when the time’s up. You may also set the number of strokes or the heart rate depending on your fitness goal.

But if you’re like many fitness enthusiast, you’re most likely to use the pulse rate and frequency function. The rowing machine comes with an earlobe pulse rate reader connected to the computer. You can track your heart rate during the entirety of your workout.

This is important when you’re working out within your optimal heart rate zone. You can push yourself harder or ease up on your workout based on the information.

If you’re contented with the earlobe pulse rate reader, you can also purchase a Polar T34 chest strap heart rate monitor. While the Polar T34 requires a separate purchase, it’s compatible with the Kettler rowing machine.

Your heart rate data will be wireless transmitted to the rowing machine’s computer. You can remove the wired earlobe pulse rate reader, which can be inconvenient when you’re in the middle of rowing. You will also get more accurate readings of your heart rate with the Polar T34.

Tip: If you’re buying a Kettler Kadett rowing machine sale (i.e., with discount), buy the Polar T34 strap.

• Comfortable Design

Comfortable Design Of Kettler Kadett RowerLike many other reviews, our Kettler Kadett rowing machine review also emphasizes its comfortable features. You can spend up to minutes on the rower without feeling unduly uncomfortable – except for the usual muscle aches as a result of physical exercise.

The comfortable features include:

Outrigger design allows most users to fit on the rower. You shouldn’t feel overstretched or cramped while on the rowing machine unless, of course, you’re on the dwarf or giant category.

Thick foam padding and upholstery on the seat. You will enjoy maximum comfort.

Sealed ball bearings. Your rowing motion will be exceptionally smooth, thanks also to the chrome-plated steel rails.

Bio-mechanically correct footplates. You will love the natural pivoting action that comes with the footplates that, in turn, allows for a full longitudinal rowing motion. This simply means that your rowing workout will be better.

THE BOTTOM LINE: The more comfortable you are on the Kettler rowing machine, the more likely you’re going to stick to your workout. You will then enjoy more physical and mental health benefits from your exercise program.

No AC Power Source Required

You can use this rowing machine even without a power source, unlike many other rowing machines. But if you want to see the workout information on the LCD display, you have to insert two AA batteries.

Easy Fold-up And Storage

Aside from the compact dimensions, the Kettler Kadett rowing machine is also easy to fold. You will love it when you have a small apartment or a small area for your home gym. You can place it in a small area although putting a 2-feet clearance around it is also a great idea.

TIP: Just let the rowing machine as is in its allotted area. While it’s relatively easy to fold, it can also be a pain in the neck when it’s constantly being folded and unfolded.

Of course, the measure of any rowing machine is in its actual performance and results. We tested the rower with 45-minute workouts, the average time for intermediate and advanced level exercisers. You can exercise shorter or longer than 45 minutes depending on your physical condition and fitness goals.

We have a few surprises after the 45-minute workout.

Second, the number of calories burned is higher than we expected. You can row for just 45 minutes yet burn hundreds of calories. Your rate of metabolism will obviously play a role in the actual number of calories burned but you will walk away satisfied, nonetheless.

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First, the effect of the workout was subtle. We initially didn’t believe that we had a particularly strenuous workout even at the higher levels of resistance. But upon stepping off the rower, we agreed that our bodies immediately felt the effects of the exercise and legs like rubber, for example.

Indeed, the Kettler rowing machine has its fair share of advantages. You will benefit from its use provided that you actually use it in a regular and proper manner.

What We Don’t Love About It

But any Kettler Kadett rowing machine review should also point out its disadvantages. You, the individual interested in its purchase, will then get a balanced view of the product. You may, for example, skip on the Kettler Kadett rowing machine sale despite the low price because a few of its disadvantages are your deal breakers.

• Difficult Assembly

According to the manufacturer, the Kettler Kadett only takes 45 minutes to assemble. But most users expressed their dissatisfaction with the assembly for many reasons including:

• The assembly can take up to two hours because of the more complicated design in comparison with other rowing machine. You may even find it difficult even with your DIY skills.

• The manual contains pictures for every assembly step but many still find it difficult. You may not, for example, be a visual person.

• The manual on the website is in German. Unless you can understand German, you may have to use a trial-and-error method during the assembly.

A few users also expressed difficulty in the assembly of the outrigger arms’ hydraulic pistons.

• Basic Monitor

Basic Monitor Of Kettler Kadett Rowing MachineThe Kettler rowing machine may have a high-tech appearance for an affordable exercise equipment but its monitor is another story. You may agree that it’s a basic monitor with basic information. You will also find its location at the center of the rowing machine so that it’s near your feet and a bit inconvenient.

Also, the wire-and-clip setup of the ear pulse monitor can be inconvenient. Again, you can replace it with a chest or wrist strap monitor.

• Hydraulic Resistance

Unfortunately, hydraulic resistance on rowing machines has its share of problems  and the Kettler Kadett isn’t an exception. Some people report experiencing problems in relation to the consistency of the resistance on the outriggers. But emphasis must be made that this issue isn’t a common one, especially as it may have something to do with assembly issues.

You may also experience a resistance drop off during your workout. Fortunately, you can adjust the intensity when it happens.

A word about the collar on the hydraulic piston. You may find it awkward to adjust the collars, particularly as you have to stop your workout just to change the settings. This can be inconvenient when you’re doing pyramid training.

According to some users, the hydraulic pistons cannot provide the smoothest rowing experience in comparison with air, magnetic and water mechanisms. But since hydraulic pistons are cheaper, you can easily replace them when they start leaking, usually after a year or so of heavy use.

Also, the hydraulic resistance pistons aren’t as quiet as the magnetic resistance rowing machines. You may hear subtle knocking and whooshing sounds but these aren’t so loud as to be irritating. Many users even report liking these sounds while many just put on their headphones to block them out.

Assembled And Packaged Dimensions

The Kettler rowing machine has the following dimensions.

• Assembled Dimensions

Height: 18 inches
Width: 67 inches
Length: 59 inches
Weight: 51 pounds

• Packaged Dimensions

Height: 9 inches
Width: 21 inches
Length: 45 inches
Weight: 66 pounds

Shipping And Assembly

The rowing machine is shipped in a single box. You will find a few basic tools necessary for its assembly but you may also use additional tools to complete the process. You will also get the assembly manual for the rowing machine and computer.

Warranty Information

The Kettler Kadett has a lifetime warranty on the frame against breakage. The parts are covered by a 3-year warranty. Terms and conditions apply.

Final Words

The Kettler Kadett Rowing Machine is a great investment in an exercise machine. With a price of approximately $600 on most online shops, you will find it to be reasonably-priced considering the benefits that come from its use.

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You will love the outrigger design that allows for a realistic sculling motion, its best feature according to many users. You can enjoy several years of heavy use, too, thanks to the durable materials and construction, especially the frame, seat and outriggers. Your workout can also be monitored through the accurate, more or less, information displayed on the easy-to-read monitor.

In conclusion, the Kettler rowing machine will last for several years while providing an enjoyable, effective and efficient workout. You just have to take good care of your Kettler Kadett Rowing Machine as well as use it regularly to reap the rewards of a moderate exercise program.