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Fat Burning Total Body Workout: Know The Why’s Behind This Plan

Fat Burning Total Body Workout

Effective Fat Burning Total Body Workout Routine

Diet alone is not going to get a body lean. Anyone who wants a classic ripped physique needs to take part in a reliable fat burning total body workout. Quite a bit of effort is going to be necessary to succeed with this type of program. All the hard work and effort is going to pay off once the results are in.

A Real Program

Results are only going to be possible when taking part in a deliberate, logical workout program designed to promote effective results. Hitting the gym on and off to perform random exercises is not the best strategy. Following a solid workout program over the course of several weeks, however, will yield a new look.

The Why’s Behind A “Fat Burning Total Body Workout” Plan

A “fat burning total body workout” engages all the muscles. By hitting the entire body, all the muscles have to recover. Since all the muscles are repairing themselves at some point during the week, tremendous amounts of calories are going to be burned up. Not working all the muscles means less calorie burning, which means less fat melting.

Lifting Weights Regularly

All those step aerobics and bodyweight exercises do have value, but the maximum potential for turning a body into a “fat burning furnace” is through lifting free weights. Workouts based on using barbells and dumbbells several times a week in the gym are going to absolutely help with shedding fat.

Focus on Compound Exercises

Bench Press Workout For Fat BurningCompound exercises are ones that employ a large number of different muscle groups into the same movement. A bench press is, primarily, a chest exercise. The bench press does require secondary stress to be placed on the shoulders, triceps, and biceps. By focusing mostly on compound exercises, the fat burning total body workout draws in more the body into the mix. Hence, more fat is burned and more muscle developed.

Try To Deplete Glycogen

After eating carbohydrates, the body stores sugars in the muscles as glycogen. A total body workout is one that will deplete all that stored glycogen. With the glycogen gone, the body ends up burning fat in the aftermath of the workout. Some choose to employ high intensity workouts through maxing out the amount of weight lifted and training to failure. Honestly, this approach may not be necessary at all. In fact, going this route could lead to over-training or injury.

Lifting a decent amount of weight, one that provides constant tension to the muscles, is likely to be more preferable. Increasing the number of reps from the more strength-boosting level of 6 – 10 to about 15 reps would aid in burning up glycogen. More reps equals more use of the muscles. This means more glycogen is burned up.

Never Ignore Cardio

One huge mistake people in the gym make is they emphasize lifting weights so much they do not put any effort into cardio. Cardio work – bikes, treadmill, and elliptical sessions – prior to lifting weights not only warms the body up, it helps burn up carbs and calories. The cardio work does not even have to be real long. Those 45 minute treadmill session might even burn up desirable muscle. Preserving muscle has to be part of any legitimate fat burning total body workout.

Shorter durations (15 to 20 minutes) prior to lifting weights might be more than adequate. Those already in good condition may choose to perform high intensity cardio or interval training prior to lifting.