Dragon Flag Ab Exercise: Let The Abs Move

Dragon Flag Ab Exercise

dragon flag ab exercise for harder core
If you are searching for a very intense and effective ab exercise routine then dragon flag ab exercise will be your ticket to well-defined abs, awesome physique and great core strength. This exercise is originated from the legendary master of martial arts, Bruce Lee. It is one of the best and advanced core exercises you can do.

This exercise has become a popular tool to those who are really serious about calisthenics. Dragon flag ab exercise is only applicable to people who had trained to a high level of workout as it may cause a high risk injury if your body is not yet ready to do intense exercises.

Before attempting to do the this ab exercise you should know how to do pull ups, leg raises and plank. Not only that, you should be able to complete the course of other core strength activity and stability test.

You will feel like a pro after you finish this exercise completely. But be extra careful for you might scream of its intensity. So, follow these steps slowly and you surely won’t regret the results.

How To Do Dragon Flag Ab Exercise:

1. Lie on a decline or flat bench and grip your hands at the edge over your head keeping your overall body rigid.
2. Bend your knees and bring your thighs into your waist at a 90 degree angle while keeping your head and shoulder blades firmly on the bench.
3. Exert a full energy, tighten your abs and slowly pull up your torso towards the ceiling. By this time, you are able to perform a partial dragon flag ab exercise.
4. Hold this position for 2 to 3 seconds then slowly lower your torso slightly above the bench.
5. Once you achieve this movement, you can gradually move and do the dragon flag exercise with your legs extended.
6. Next, lift your feet upwards until your body is almost in an upright position. Always tighten your core and maintain a straight body as you rises.
7. Hold that position for 2 seconds then slowly lower your body just above the bench with control. Breathe out as you lower your body.
8. Slowly pull your body up again and inhale as you rise to complete the your exercise. Do this in 3 sets of 4 reps.


• For your safety and good support, make sure that you are using a durable bench.
• Your hands are only for support, don’t try to pull the bench with the force of your hands otherwise you will find yourself injured the next day. Focus on using your abs and your lower back to control your movement.
• Point your toes to keep your body aligned and keep your body straight.
Muscular coordination is vital in doing the dragon flag ab exercise so a better training is to stand in front of the mirror and do the warm up exercise to tense up your muscles.
• Make sure to take a pause by doing at least 2 minutes rest between sets.
• Be patient. You’re almost there!

We want that killer abs. Yes, we do! You might find it difficult to start but as you continue doing sessions you will find it a lot easier. Do not be afraid to take new challenges and always remember that the harder you work the better you become. Dragon flag ab exercise is a great way to go.