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The Concept 2 Rower Model E Best Review – The Supreme Workout Unit

The Concept 2 Rower Model E Workout Unit

Concept 2 Rower Model E Machine Unit For WorkoutsRowing could be the perfect equipment for an exercise strategy to getting in shape. The Concept 2 Rower Model E could be the top home exercise equipment for someone interested in a solid workout that hits a host of muscles.

Rowing is more than just an exercise for the back muscles. There is great versatility to this type of machine. Anyone who wants a solid workout accessory should check this model out. For those interested in low impact workouts, the rower might even be the perfect purchase.

The Low Impact Option

Lower impact workouts can be perfect for someone who wants to shed a few calories and keep muscles active and toned. Visiting the gym, however, is not always an option. People live busy lives and heading to a gym is difficult. Others may live in areas where access to a gym is non-existent even, which can be confounding to someone with a good attitude and a lot of time on his or her hands.

Procuring at-home workout equipment could assist with getting that all-important home workout done on a consistent basis. Buying equipment, however, won’t be as helpful as buying the right equipment. There are a number of companies selling various devices – some of which are dubious. Others have great value for the workout enthusiast.

A Durable Model E

A common concern among those who purchase — or are thinking about purchasing — home exercise equipment is reliability and durability. A consumer who purchase a vinyl weight set that failed to deliver on expectations of reliability and longevity may poison any thoughts about buying a new device.

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Second thoughts are surely going to surround a more costly piece of exercise equipment if the customer was unhappy with a prior purchase.

The Concept 2 Rower Model E is most assuredly not a cheap “piece of work”. The Model E is crafted exceptionally and designed to last a long time. The 20 inch frame height is made from very durable materials. The double-powder cost comes with a glossy finish and delivers a lot more than just a nice look. Granted, the added visual of a glossy finish positive does allow the rower to lend an aesthetic assist to an interior.

Still, the main benefit to the solid frame and protected finish means scratches won’t be suffered easily. The look of the device is maintained and won’t detract from an interior as a result. The rower also won’t be damaged easily thanks to the scratch resistant and durable from. The exceptional craftsmanship that went into producing the rower translates into a model that is able to handle a lot of workouts without suffering unwanted blemishes and degradations.

The support legs are also made from welded steel. Needless to say, the rower is not exactly going to have difficulty maintaining the maximum suggested weight of the user with such a sturdy support. Steel is not going to break down easily either so consider the support components highly built to last.

Easy To Use

Getting on and off the Concept 2 Rower Model E won’t come with much difficulty. The 20 inch height was selected for this very purpose. The goal was to make the rower easy to enter and exit, which is going to be appreciated by all those wishing to avoid hassles when using their rower. Who would wish to feel discomfort getting on or off a basic rowing device?

The chain is not going to come loose or tangled easily if at all. The chain is fully enclosed in a hardened housing. By remaining in the casing, the potential for the chain getting tangled is reduced. The chain is also protected against moisture when returned to the housing when not used. The chain itself is nickel-plated, which further adds to the durability of the Model E rower. A nickel-plated chain is not one that is going to wear out easily.

A nickel-plated chain also comes with fewer maintenance issues and tasks. Oiling the chain is not a major responsibility since the nickel-plating cuts down on the drying out of the oil. The average exercise enthusiast is not likely up to par on responsibilities related to maintaining equipment. For this reason alone, the Model E makes a nice purchase.

An Effective Workout

The low impact component to the workout does not mean that results are going to be hard to come by. The system is able to hit the entire body and engage a variety of muscles. The Concept 2 Rower Model E does not make a lot of noise when it operates, which is going to be a plus for those who do not want to disturb anyone in the house or the neighbors.

An Incredible Performance Monitor

Working out without a clear understanding of what benefits are being attained can undermine the ability to get the most out of a rowing session. The Concept 2 Rower Model E presents a reliable performance monitor designed to relay all the vital stats required to examine the data for each row.

Determining whether or not to change up an exercise becomes a lot easier when reviewing data presented on a crystal clear screen. And the screen absolutely does display images in an easy-to-read and review manner.

The presence of a backlight further ensures the screen can be seen and read without any confusing or lack of clarity. No one wants to struggle or strain to read a monitor when relying on the stats on the monitor for a solid workout. The Model E decreases a number of potential hassles by presenting a fantastic screen.

Monitoring heart rate is also extremely beneficial to ensuring a good workout. Keeping the heart in a targeted zone boosts the ability to burn fat. Since this rower allows for wireless connections to a heart rate monitor, staying in the targeted zone becomes more achievable – and the workouts more reliable.

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What happens if you want to review the stats on from the workouts. Just check out what you saved on your USB drive. Yes, the unit allows for a transfer of information to an external device.

Plugging a USB flash drive into the Concept 2 Rower Model E and its appropriate slot is all that is required to download the data. Store the data in a preferred location and review the stats when desired.

Getting The Best Price

The Concept 2 Model E best price might not be too hard to find provided the consumer is looking in the right place. The company promotes a list price of $1,100 plus shipping. Those who opt to buy Concept 2 Model E from Amazon may discover the price is lower – about $1,060. Another benefit to buying from Amazon would be the free shipping something that can further reduce the costs associated with acquiring a reliable model.

Anyone who is thinking about buying used should rethink this strategy to getting the best price on the Concept 2 Model E rowing machine. Used items may or may not have been properly cared for by the previous owner. Who wants to find out whether the model is in good shape until after delivery? Buying used creates the risk of inheriting someone else’s problems. Why make those problems — and equipment issues — your problems?

Don’t Worry About The Assembly Or The Storage

Assembled Concept 2 Rower Model E Workout UnitNo matter where the Concept 2 Rower Model E is purchased from, no one has to worry about going through enormous effort to put it together. Sure, there are companies that outsource freelancers to put such equipment together on behalf of a client.

Why go to the expense? Would it not be better to buy from a company that sells “easy to assemble” equipment? Concept 2 delivers on those expectations with the simple-to-assemble Model E.

Once the Concept 2 Model E rowing machine has been assembled, some concerns may be raised about whether or not the device is going to be easy to store. People who want to workout in an apartment or a small home might not be able to leave the rower out in the middle of the living room all day. Nor should they have to. With other devices, very little option is available.

And then along came this particular rowing machine that is much easier to store. One huge feature to the Model E is the “quick release’ mechanism on the framelock. Not every will understand how the lock has been engineered, but knowing the mechanical details is not important. What is important is realizing that, once the lock is engaged, the rower can be a folding rowing machine.

Once folded in half, the equipment can be moved on the ground extremely easily with front rollers. The framelock release does not disassemble anything. Rather, it allows for folding at a hinge joint. Straightening and locking out the rower takes a few seconds. Putting the rower in and out of storage could not be made anymore easier.

Comfort While Working Out

The height of the chair is impressive and adjustable. The seat height reaches 20 inches, which is a figure that is surely going to be comfortable for those who are working out. In addition to the seat height, there are benefits to the way the foot pedals are designed.

The foot rests on the rower are adjustable. Since not every person has the same shoe size, it would not be beneficial to create a foot rest that was one single size. By making the foot rest adjustable, no one has to experience annoying discomfort while working out. The same concept applies to the height of the seat. By being comfortable with the seat height, a person can perform a smooth workout free of unwanted, unproductive distractions.

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The handles on the rower have also been developed to maintain proper ergonomics. A huge benefit to working out on the Concept 2 Rower Model E is the engineering that went into the exercise unit ensures comfort and ease of performance. Exceptional detail in the design of the handles makes the actual performance of rowing much smoother.

A unique ten-degree bend further supports the exceptional performance of the handles. No one has to worry about the handles undermining any rowing sessions. This rower makes sure the experience is a positive one. By positive, the session should be one to contribute to desired fitness goals and gains.

And getting great results is the main reason for investing in the rower in the first place. With the perfect home model — like this one — getting great results won’t be all that elusive.