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The Best Rowing Machine Under 500 – Things To Know Before You Buy

How To Find The Best Rowing Machine Under 500?

LifeSpan Indoor Rowing Machine Workout Unit - The Best Rowing Machine Under 500So, you have decided that it is time for you to invest some of your money in a rowing machine? As is the case with virtually all types of fitness equipment, rowing machines cost money.

In fact, they are quite a sizable investment, so it goes without saying that you should exercise a certain amount of caution when you are shopping around for one, and especially if you are hoping to buy one of the best rowing machine under 500.

Choosing The Best Rowing Machine Under 500

Finding the best rowing machine under 500 dollars may seem like quite a daunting task at first, but in actual fact, is not as difficult as you might think, providing you spend a little bit of time familiarizing yourself with rowing machines in general. Before we go any further, let us first take a look at some of the benefits you stand to gain from having your own rowing machine.

Health Benefits Of A Rowing Machine

Rowing machines are particularly good for people who have decided they want to start getting fit again after months or years of inactivity. After all, rowing machines allow you to exercise at your own pace, thereby allowing you to built up the intensity of your workouts gradually over a period of time.

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Searching for the best rowing machine under 500 dollars is also a great idea for elderly people who may not want to spend too much money on exercise equipment at this stage of their lives. Rowing machines are exceptionally good for older people, or anyone who has reason to be concerned about the health of their back or their joints. The reason for this being that they place virtually no strain whatsoever on your back or your joints.

Strengthens Cardio System

Stamina X Air Rower UnitRowing machines are excellent for helping you to build and tone your muscles, but there is more to them than just that. They also do a fantastic job at strengthening your cardiovascular system, which in turn leads to vastly improved overall fitness.

As your fitness improves, so too will your stamina and your endurance. Let us not forget that a healthy cardiovascular system is the cornerstone of any noteworthy exercise regimen.

Some people wrongly believe that rowing only helps to build and tone leg muscles and arm muscles. In truth, however, a rowing machine engages nearly every muscle in your body, including the muscles in your back. Rowing machines also allow you to determine how quickly you want to build muscle because most good models allow you to increase or decrease tension. This is why, if you want to pay less than $500 for a rowing machine, you need to search for the best rowing machine under 500 dollars.

Weightloss Tool

Rowing machines are also a powerful weight loss tool, even though you might not think so at first. As with any type of exercise, rowing burns calories, but the difference is, rowing is a relatively easy exercise to do, and it can burn off a huge amount of calories in almost no time at all. In fact, a person who weighs about 185 lbs can quite easily burn off around 375 calories in as little as 30 minutes.

Did you know that rowing machines can reduce stress and anxiety, and even depression? Countless studies have shown that physical exercise stimulates important pleasure center within the brain. In short, exercising, and particularly cardiovascular workouts, cause your body to produce more endorphins than it usually does. Endorphins play a crucial role in things like your mood and your sense of happiness and pleasure, so the more endorphins there are being released into your body, the better you will feel about yourself.

So, if you are still having some doubts about buying a rowing machine, just remind yourself about these top four benefits:

1. Rowing machines are a fantastic choice for anyone who wants to build and tone their muscles.
2. Rowing machines are an excellent choice for those who want to increase fitness without putting their joints or backs at risk.
3. Rowing machines are a great choice for anyone looking to greatly improve the health of their cardiovascular system.
4. Rowing machines are great for reducing stress and anxiety, and even depression.

Resistance Used In A Rowing Machine

Stamina ATS Air Rowing MachineIf you are serious about finding the best rowing machine under 500 dollars, then there are a few you need to be aware of before you start handing over your money. To begin with, some rowing machines use water resistance flywheels; some use air resistance flywheels; some use hydraulic resistance, and some use magnetic resistance.

As is to be expected, rowing workouts can be significantly different between one type and the next.

Prices can also vary quite dramatically between one type and the next. For example, rowing machines that feature water resistance flywheels are typically quite costly. So if you are on quite a tight budget, a “water resistance” model may not be the best home rowing machine for you. Let’s take a closer look at the four options mentioned above:

Air Resistance

Some air resistance rowing machines come with a feature that allows the user to increase or decrease resistance by controlling airflow through the flywheel. However, not all machines in this group have an adjustment feature. Also, most of the machines that do have this feature, don’t allow for a significant increase in tension.

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Lastly, air passing through the flywheel can generate quite a bit of noise. On the upside, these are generally cheaper than other types. So if you are on a very tight budget, then you might want to consider an air resistance machine.

Water Resistance

Water resistance rowing machines are considered by many to be one of the top rated rowing machines because they are as close as you can get to actually rowing on water. Generally speaking, these often lack a manual adjustment feature, but instead, you increase resistance simply by increasing speed. Their two biggest drawbacks are weight and cost. In other words, they tend to be very heavy, and they tend to be rather expensive.

Magnetic Resistance

Magnetic resistance rowing machines are my personal favorite because they are virtually silent, with very smooth operation and precise resistance control. However, they do tend to be very heavy. These are excellent for people who want to do very precise workouts. But if you need a machine that you can stow away after your workouts, then this is probably not the best rowing machine under 500.

Hydraulic Resistance

Stamina Orbital Rowing Machine Motion UnitHydraulic resistance rowing machines actually have a few strong selling points. They are amongst the most affordable rowing machines out there; most allow users to quickly and effortlessly adjust resistance.

Many of them can effortlessly be folded up for easy storage when not in use. And most of them are also quite light. Does this make it the best rowing machine under 500?

Hydraulic resistance rowing machines are quite often called an “Arm Workout Rower” because they tend to work your arms more than your legs. They still do a great job at increasing your fitness and improving your cardiovascular system. They still do wonders for your leg muscles, but it will typically be your arm muscles that benefit the most.

Despite this trade off, many people will still argue that this is the best home rowing machine. Not least because of their lightweight design, their relatively low price tags, and the fact that they can be folded up and put away when you are not using them. As you can see, all four types of rowing machine mentioned above have their own set of advantages and disadvantages. So it really does depend on what features or qualities matter the most to you.

Noise While Working Out

It is worth noting that all rowing machines make at least a certain amount of noise. Even if you buy most expensive top-rated rowing machine in the world, it is still not going to be 100% silent. Many people get around this by watching TV or perhaps a movie while they are training; others listen to music through a pair of headphones, while many others simply blank out any noise.

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It should also be said that most rowing machines make far less noise that some other types of gym equipment. Nonetheless, if you are the sort of person who is easily irritated by low-level noise, then I would suggest that you seriously consider getting a magnetic resistance rowing machine.

Price Comparisons Save You Dollars

Never assume you have found the ultimate until you have had time to shop around and compare prices. It is not unheard of for one vendor to charge considerably more than another vendor for the exact same make and model.

If you intend buying your workout rower online, you also need to look at the credibility of any vendors you are considering doing business with. Regardless of what rowing machine you end up buying, it’s likely going to be quite a sizable investment. So you really do need to know that you are dealing with someone you can trust.