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Best Rowing Machine For The Money – Guide For Picking The Right One!

Picking The Best Rowing Machine For The Money

Workout With The Best Rowing Machine For The Money ItemA rowing machine can be a fantastic investment for those wishing to get into solid shape and do so in a reasonable amount of time. There is a reason why rowing machines are found in every gym throughout the world. The devices work and do work effectively.

Not everyone may choose to use such machines as part of their workout program, but this might be a mistake. Failing to take advantage of a machine that hits so many muscles might undermine the goals of those hoping to maximize their physique’s appearance. A rower works the back muscles as well as those muscles connecting to it.

So hitting the gym and hitting the rowing machine is an advisable strategy. Unfortunately, not everyone can get to the gym all the time. Purchasing a home rowing machine remains an option, but cost may seem like an impediment to some. The cost really should not be a problem as long as the consumer seeks out the best rowing machine for the money.

Apply Viable And Reliable Criteria

Simply making blanket claims about finding the best rowing machine for a reasonable price without really researching what’s out there would be an unwise plan. Another APPROACH TO AVOID would be to look for the cheapest rower available. Yes, there may be some very inexpensive models on the market but they could also lack in quality. Poor quality in exercise equipment is a major vice. The diminished quality could lead to equally diminished workout results.

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Looking for a few important traits and attributes when checking out the top rated rowing machines is necessary. This way, the best decision can be made to purchase the best rowing machine for the money with the best performance capabilities.

The more work required to take the machine apart and putting it together is only going to make it less likely to work out. Once disassembled, the device needs to be easily stored.

Anything that lacks impediments to using the rower contributes to its “investment value”. The money spent on the rower has to manifest in features, traits, and benefits – the top rowers are absolutely going to be ones easy to store in tight spots.


Durability of Concept2 Model Indoor Rowing MachineHow well built the rower is plays a major role in the overall value of the rower. Buying a rower at a fair price only to discover parts break apart or wear down easily is sure to be a major disappointment – and a feeling of having wasted some money.

Examining the materials used to produce the rower is ADVISABLE. Those machines made with exceptionally hard plastic with the casing surely is going to contribute to long-term lifespan. The design of the chain connected to the flywheel should also be extremely durable. If the chain breaks, then the workout is going to be impossible.

A chain does not have to break completely in order to undermine a workout. The chain just has to fray or become easy to tangle. A wheel that misaligns is going to be fairly useless. The best rowing machine for the money won’t present defects such as these. Make sure the durability of the rower is top of the line. Otherwise, the rower won’t be a great investment at all. Of course, this does raise questions and concerns about how to determine if the rower really has any true value.

Effective Results

Purchasing the best rower for the money makes it possible to achieve a desirable results.

Those desirable results could mean a TOTALLY CHANGED PHYSIQUE. A rower does clearly effect the back muscles. The pulling motion requires using these muscles primarily. A rower does not impact these muscle exclusively. The biceps, shoulders, and core muscles are brought into the mix as well. The constant movement is going to have an effect on calorie burning – namely increasing it. High and low-impact workouts and all levels in between can be performed as well.

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But these results may not be achievable without the right equipment. Things to look for in the equipment include:


No one is going to spend time on any indoor rowing machine if the person feels the machine is totally lacking in comfort. The seats and foot rests do have to be designed in such a way a person working out on the rower is enjoying his or her time. Putting in effort and work in the design and engineering process absolutely contributes to this result.

Consumers positively should seek out a rower known for its exceptional comfort since comfort is what keeps people in the rower. Comfort is a major trait to seek when looking for the best rowing machine for the money.

Quiet Operation

Noise is not exactly a preferable attribute in a rowing machine. A well-built rower, the best rower for the money, is going to be one that is quiet when running. Consider smooth and quiet operation to be a reliable complement to the exceptional craftsmanship employed when creating the rower. A machine that sounds too loud when pulling on the flywheel chain.

A loud and distracting flywheel makes it a bit harder to listen to music while working out. The noise may also prove distracting to the neighbors. More than a few problems could come out of a situation such as that – avoidable problems. Purchasing a well-made rower means all those annoying sounds won’t even be an issue.

Reviewing Specs About Monitor Display

Featured Monitor Of Stamina Avari Programmable Magnetic Exercise RowerThe best rowing machine for the money almost always comes with the perfect display monitor. How can you figure out how well your workout is going if you are not able to review vital stats on a monitor?

The truth is a lot of guesswork – likely inaccurate guesswork — has to go into the process when there are no clear logs of the calories burned, heart rate, and other vital statistics. Guesswork is not going to be remotely beneficial to someone who wants to get maximum results.

The screen that displays the stats should be crystal clear, easy to read, and vibrant in colors and contrast. This is not necessary just to make the screen look pretty – although that is a nice benefit. The enhancements to the screen are intended to help ensure the person working out is able to meet goals and requirements. The value of a clear screen is immense. A person knows when to speed up a workout and when to cut it down. Distinct, easy-to-read data and stats aid in that result.

Being able to record stats is another positive. Monitors should be connected to data systems that allow the downloading of stats. This way, various workouts can be logged and logged accurately. Doing so allows someone to adjust daily and weekly workouts to ensure a proper amount of weekly calories can be burned. Keeping stats for a several week period definitely would be helpful for those hoping to achieve long term goals.

The best rowing machine for the money is not going to be one lacking technological advancements and a reliable monitor screen.

Easy Storage And Assembly

Buying a home rowing machine does create a few logistical issues. Those huge devices found at the local gym are just not going to be appropriate for a house or an apartment. The ones in the gym are pretty sizable. NO ONE is going to be interested in installing such a big and bulky machine in the home. Besides, one of those huge rowing machines is going to cost a fortune. They are durable, but only because they are intended for massively heavy use and being placed in a permanent location.

A home rower has to be easy to take apart and, of course, assemble as well. Upon buying the rower, no one should have to struggle with all sorts of screws, tools, and other items of equipment to put a rowing machine together. Many likely do not know how to put a complex machine together. A device that is fairly easy to take apart and put together is going to be a good investment and, possibly, the best rowing machine for the money. Less time is wasted on things other than working out.

Being able to store away the rower is another huge plus and a must for those hoping to workout at a residence or, for that matter, at the office.

Criteria And Resources To Examine

Stamina Rowing Machine SpecsSome empirical data exists in which a consumer could review in order to make a decision about buying. There are also reports from fellow consumers to check out. Reviewing such information can definitely assist in making an economical buy on a rower that is totally worth the investment.

The Specs

The weight, height, and various other stats are going to be listed at the manufacturer’s owner’s manual. These stats give a clear insight into what the unit is made of, what it looks like, and what to expect from it. Review and compare stats and specs among various different models. This way, a better consumer decision can be made.

The Features

All sorts of different features are going to be found with a the best rowing machine for the money. There could be some very unique features to a particular rower. The unit may have a port for an iPad or a MP3 player. These might not be major features in terms of how the rower delivers a workout, but they are nice touches that add to the overall experience. All of these nice touches further enhance the impressive value of the actual purchase. Features also add to the consistent use of the machine which is — once again — something of great value.

Reviews And Testimonials

What other customers are saying about a rower absolutely is going to play factor in whether or not an indoor rowing machine is worth buying. There are certain things to look for in the reviews and testimonials. Before even taking any words mentioned about the rower, look closely at the resource in which the commentary is presented. Online sales venues such as Amazon and major online or print magazines that are credible are the venues worth paying attention to closely when seeking the best rowing machine for the money.

With Amazon (or similar site) reviews, look for the most detailed reviews. Read the good and the bad (and the mediocre) reviews. Make sure the reviews go into specific details about the rower and what it was like to use the system. This way, a very clear picture of what to expect from the rower can be gained. Avoid the short blurbs be they good or bad. Cursory reviews are not likely to paint a proper picture.

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As for the professional publications, examine the detailed description of features and specs are going to go far beyond what is found in the owner’s manual. The owner’s manual is only going to reveal exact specs and not their value and benefits. The more knowledge gained from the review leads a person to better understand what the rower can do.

Always look at the reports of results given by those who have used the rower. Specific insights into amount of weight lost and how well muscle ended up toned and developed is not information to ignore. Is getting the best rowing machine for the money easy? Honestly – yes! All you have to do is put the right effort into the process and positive results will be attained.