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Impressive List To Narrow Down The Best Rated Rowing Machine

Purchasing the best rated rowing machine does not have to be the hardest task in the world. All a consumer really needs to do is look over the very best rowing machines worth the money and pick the one that he or she thinks would be the most appropriate choice.

Is that really an easy task, though? Choosing the best rated rowing machine is NOT ALWAYS SO SIMPLE. All sorts of different rowing machines are available on the health and fitness consumer market. Picking the best one is tough to do when all the manufacturers are claiming they have produced the proverbial best of the best.

Looking solely at the marketing materials released by the manufacturer is not exactly going to help the cause of getting the most honest and accurate insight on a rower. There are others who can be turned to for a more direct and accurate assessment: other consumers.

Consumers And Ratings

No way are all consumers going to agree on everything. One consumer may choose to give a product a really awesome review and another consumer could be quite venomous about the same product. When a particular product has received exceptionally high ratings from a large number of consumers, however, this should draw the attention of buyers. Consistent agreement and high praise from the very fickle world of retail fitness equipment consumers should count for a lot.

Consumers can be rather harsh when they do not like something. Some may say bad reviews are more common than good ones since greater motivation exists to write bad reviews.

So, when truly solid good reviews appear online, this is something not to be dismissed. In fact, for those who positively want to purchase the best rated rowing machine on the market, looking over all those awesome reviews is strongly recommended.

The reviews are helpful for pointing out the following necessary and vital stats:

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Performance — Does it really work as well as promised?
Durability — Is this a rowing machine that is truly built to last?
Cost Benefit — Will the consumer get the most for his or her dollar?
Comfort — Would a comfortable session be the norm?

There are other traits a review should cover, but these are among the most important ones. Personal experiences of reviewers also need to be looked over. Anecdotes do mean something. Buyers garner good insights from consumers who provide details about their own personal experiences. Really, anything that goes into the compilation of the rating is going to be helpful to the person examining the review.

What are some of the top-rated rowing machines on the market? Here is a short list.

Some Of The Best Rated Rowing Machine In The Market

Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine with PM5

At a retail price of $945, purchasing this rowing machine is a huge investment. Anyone who pays top dollar for a rowing machine positively does want the device to absolutely deliver on all promises. Based on the massively positive ratings for the Model D, buyers are thrilled with it.

And no, despite the price, this is NOT the most expensive rower on the market. It may be the best rated rowing machine in the industry as indicated by scores of glowing five-star reviews.

The rower comes with a nickel-plated chain — now that is ONE UNIQUE FEATURE that not only slightly adds to looks, but adds very nicely to the durability of the rower’s performance. The flywheel design is intended for supporting a low-impact workout capable of hitting all the desired muscles in the upper and lower body. The high-end construction ensures this rower works very quietly when in operation.

When sitting in the seat, comfort is hard to ignore. Extra care has gone into the design of the foot rests and handles to further boost the positive experience of working out on the device.

Storage is easy as well. Wheels allow for moving the rowing machine back and forth to the storage area and to the workout section.

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No one can dismiss the benefits of the Performance Monitor 5, a monitor that provides clear, detailed, and accurate workout stats.

Consumer ratings point out the device is good for aerobic training and can be stored in a number of environments in which space is somewhat limited. A great many customers point out they are happy with spending the extra money on this rower rather than purchasing a cheap and disappointing model.

Concept2 Model E Indoor Rowing Machine with PM5

The Model E comes right behind the Model D is customer ratings. Clearly, Concept2 knows what it is doing when it comes to devising and releasing models capable of claiming the “best rated rowing machine on the market” mantel.

The Concept2 Model E is similar to the Model D in a number of ways. The Model E stands out by presenting a 20-inch seat and a raised frame.

Features such as these are intended to help the rower come off as the “luxury model” of the Concept2 indoor rowing machine line.

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Customers point out the raised elevation makes getting in and out of the rower a smooth process. Assembly is amazingly easy and, once construction is complete, the rower is capable of creating a near-perfect workout experience.

WaterRower Oxbridge Rowing Machine in Cherry with S4 Monitor

Dubbed a “handcrafted rowing machine”, this particular model really does shine thanks to the integration of a special “water flywheel”. A rowing machine is supposed to mimic rowing a boat on the water. With the presence of a water flywheel, the WaterRower Oxbridge Rowing Machine truly does feel like the user is out there on the water — what a nice touch!

The flywheel actually rests in a tank of water to achieve this result. That is quite a novel concept to say the least. The water also plays a role in the resistance levels of the rower. More water means more resistance while less water cuts down on the resistance levels.

This alone helps the rower stand out dramatically from other units on the market. Amazingly, the rower does come with quite a number of other appealing features as well making it a well-deserved entry on the best rated rowing machine list.

The “handcrafted” attribute is not just an adjective thrown out there as a hyperbole. The frame is made with cherry wood and done so in a HANDCRAFTED MANNER. Interestingly, this allows the rower to standout from an aesthetic perspective. Not many rowers add looks to a room. This one does. And the cherry wood construction also contributes to a tremendous amount of durability.

The cost of this particular rower is “up there” as all the unique features and handcrafted design do not come with a cut-rate price. Consumers seem to strongly agree the extra money is worth the investment as indicated by scores of five-star ratings.

The workouts capable of being performed on the rower definitely should support most fitness goals. Quality engineering and testing yield results.

The alignment of the disassembled unit is designed so the rower can be put together with little effort, a hugely positive feature. Who likes to struggle to put exercise equipment together?

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The company has also delivered a number of other winners in the form of three similar models: the WaterRower Natural Rowing Machine in Ash Wood with S4 Monitor, the WaterRower Club Rowing Machine in Ash Wood with S4 Monitor, and the WaterRower Club Rowing Machine w/ S4 Monitor & Hi Rise Attachment.

The three models barely miss the five-star ranking of the highly-rated WaterRower Oxbridge Rowing Machine in Cherry with S4 Monitor, but the ratings are impressive. Presenting four models on the best rated rowing machine list definitely is a huge industry accomplishment.

First Degree Fitness Newport AR Rower Water Rower Exercise Machine

Now this one looks like something found on a classic sci-fi program. In all seriousness, the incredibly cool-looking and futuristic design houses a solid rowing machine capable of serving up a fantastic workout.

Durability is among the most appealing aspects of this rower. A polycarbonate shell definitely supports contentions the rower is BUILT TO LAST. Accompanying the shell is a triple-bladed stainless steel paddle.

Durability counts for a lot since buyers want something that will survive years of workouts and not begin to present lags or other problems after only a year or so of use. The metal body further adds to the durability of the rower.

Ergonomics is a word that seems to be used with abandon when describing home exercise equipment. With this rower, ergonomic is not stated with exaggeration. The handles are crafted with ergonomic brilliance in order to make all workouts a lot more comfortable.

Users can choose between a comfortable, easy workout and a tough one without much hassle. The ease of switching up the resistance levels positively contributes to getting the most out of every workout session.

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The resistance adds much-needed versatility to workouts. Once someone gets used to working out on the rower, exercise sessions can be tweaked to the preferences of the person using the device.

BodyCraft VR500 Commercial Rower

Shock and awe may overwhelm a potential buyer who sees the retail price for this rowing machine. $1,899 is an enormous sum of money to spend on a rower.

The reviews on this one are strong and, likely, the less-than-gushing reviews are probably from those who had enormously high expectations from a rower that comes with such a massive cost.

The manufacturer points out over ten years worth of research went into the development of this rower. Amazing features such as WIRELESS HANDLEBAR resistance control show the designers really wanted to deliver something unique and special to the market.

The number of different workouts levels reaches an amazing number of 32. That is an enormously expansive degree of resistance levels. These different levels are made possible and powered by a combined controlled air and magnetic resistance combination.

Again, this is one highly unique rower. The brilliant features are supported by an incredible amount of comfort. Ergonomics are taken to a new level with this device, a stunning member of the best rated rowing machine list.

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Consumers who spent the huge sum to acquire this result consistently levy great praise. The money invested on the rower yields one of the better ones made and one with stunning features.

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW5515 Magnetic Rowing Machine

Along comes a very low-priced budget rower model that has achieved incredible ratings from consumers. Lower-priced models are not usually known for getting fantastic reviews. The lower price usually comes with reduced quality and corner cutting in manufacturing.

The name on the rower definitely has an upbeat flair to it. Sunny, health, and fitness are three words that should prove appealing, but the price is surely going to be the most appealing one.

Price does have its limitations. A rowing machine must be able to deliver on its promised benefits. The great ratings on the SF-RW5515 do show consumers are thrilled with how the rower performs.

The number of resistance levels is eight, a low number compared to other devices. Again, this is a reasonably priced model so the lack of resistance levels is understandable. The LCD display is quite nice and reveals all the vital features necessary to keep accurate logs of a workout. Grainy displays do not exactly support enthusiastic workouts so the addition of an LCD display is welcome.

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Even with the higher-intensity workouts, the rower runs fairly quiet. Silent running on a rower is always a preferred attribute.

Stamina X Air Rowing Machine

This model is another lower-priced rower that has received a number of rave reviews.

Buyers who do not have a lot of money to spend and still want a great deal on a solid exercise rower would probably want to learn a little more about it.

The exceptional reviews and ratings on the Stamina X Air Rowing Machine are well worth looking at.

The rower is also lifted off the ground for easier access and exiting. A raised rower is often a preference of many. Once again, this model delivers on expectations of consumers.

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Once put together, the 77L x 18W x 22H dimensions reveal a truly engaging rower.

Xebex Air Rower Conditioning Pack

The Xebex Air Rower Conditioning Pack looks like something you would find in a commercial gym. The look just seems to present the rower as being PROFESSIONAL and NOT A CHEAP KNOCK-OFF. The rower definitely is not something that could ever be deemed cheap as this model sells in the $900 range.

The inclusion of a “back saver pad” might be one of the added benefits of this particular rower. The handle and seat both come with extra padding. Who wants to feel discomfort when seated in a rower?

The manufacturers know people look for perfect comfort. This is why they worked so hard to make sure this particular rower is incredibly comfortable.

The rower is also lifted off the ground for easier access and exiting. A raised rower is often a preference of many. Once again, this model delivers on the expectations of consumers. Users may also be quite thrilled with the added weight of the base.

Not everyone will see the need for a heavier base, but it does have much value. A strong base is going to be very sturdy. Sturdiness is a critical attribute for a rower to possess.

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Customers do note the rower is of “professional grade quality”, which is a remarkable type of praise. Home units generally do not live up to the standards of what is found in a commercial gym. This rower is fine for both the home and a gym setting. Yes, it really is that well made.

Other Interesting Models

Scores of other excellent rowing machines are available for the home fitness market. Other standout models include:

The Lifecore R100 Commercial Rowing Machine
The LifeSpan RW1000 Indoor Rowing Machine
The Leopold Rowing Machine Workout Abs Arms Legs and Back Home Gym Exerciser

No one should ever worry about ever being shorted on the number of excellent rowing machines on the market.

Parting Thoughts

Creating a list of the best rated rowing machine models on the market is not all that easy. Consumers do make notes about the solid models that do not break their marketing promises. Reviewing their comments and ratings does help the processs of narrowing down which rowing machines are among the best of the best.

Buyers interested in purchasing a home unit do need to weigh the specific attributes they are seeking in a model. Is comfort more important? Does the device need numerous levels of resistance? Clearly defining what you want makes it easier to locate the rowing machine that bits the description.