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The Best Folding Rowing Machine Reviews – Highlights Best Rowers

The Best Folding Rowing Machine Reviews

Benefits Of Using Rowing Machines - Improved PhisyqueThe best folding rowing machine should have features that combine ease of use and storage, durable materials and construction, and reasonable price. You should pour the time, energy and effort into reading the folding rowing machine reviews of top-rated products in sites like Amazon and eBay.

Your efforts will be well-rewarded when you get the best compact rowing machine for your personal use.

The Value Of A Rowing Machine

Most, if not all, rowing machines consist of an energy damper connected to a handle and/or a chain. A foot stretcher is added for the rower to place his feet on that, in turn, is connected to the same frame as the braking mechanism. Many rowing machines also include a rail on which the mechanism or seat slides on.

The value of a rowing machine comes from its overall design – it allows for a whole-body exercise program with just a single movement. You’re basically getting a two-in-one exercise machine. You have a cardio machine to improve on your aerobic fitness and a strength machine for muscle tone development.

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NOT all rowing machines are created equal in terms of their performance, quality and durability. The best folding rowing machine has the following benefits:

Comfortable And Adjustable

Look for a comfortable padded seat and a pair of padded foot pads, both of which should be adjustable to a certain degree. You will spend 15 to 30 minutes on the rowing machine so your comfort should be ensured.

Low Noise Level

Check that the rowing machine has a low noise level. You don’t want to listen to the loud whooshing noises with every movement, especially when rowing becomes your meditation in movement. You may, however, like the rushing noise so go for it, too.

Adequate Workout Space

Determine the amount of space that can be spared for the rowing machine. You should measure the area where it will be placed but be sure to add at least two feet of space around it. You can then choose from among the top folding rowing machine based on said measurements.

Aside from the footprint, you should also ensure that the rowing machine can accommodate your body. Your legs and arms should be comfortable while you’re on it – no cramped or overstretched feeling. You must also check that the rowing machine has a high weight limit.

Handy Computer Monitor

Rowing Machine With Monitor DisplayLook at the information display. You will find dozens of folding rowing machine reviews that emphasize the importance of an LED monitor displaying relevant information, such as distance, duration, and calories burned. You may even want more options, such as connection to apps for uploading of data (i.e., progress monitoring).

Keep in mind, however, that the top rated rowing machine doesn’t necessarily have high-tech information displays. The most important aspect is still its performance – how well it rows, how long it lasts, and how many people can use it.

Ease Of Assembly And Storage

Check the rowing machine’s ease of assembly and storage, especially when you live in a cramped apartment. Most folding rowing machine reviews point to these two aspects as the deciding factor in the buyers’ decision. You want a rowing machine that can be assembled in a few easy steps and stored to the side.

YOUR BEST BETS: A simple mechanism for folding the rowing machine coupled with wheels for easy transport. You may even want to measure the folding configuration to ensure that it will fit into your storage cabinet or under your bed.


Decide on your budget for the rowing machine. You will find wide variations in prices from ultra-cheap and mid-range to high-end machines. You should find a balance between affordability and quality, which can be accomplished through research on the top folding rowing machine.

A word of advice about rowing machines, price-wise. High-end models generally have higher quality than mid-range and low-end models. But since these require lesser maintenance in the long run, higher-end models are usually the better investment. Furthermore, ask about the warranty on the exercise equipment. The best compact rowing machine has a decent warranty for the frame and parts.

When you’re choosing from among several compact rowers, you should take your time. Every exercise equipment requiring a substantial investment shouldn’t be purchased on impulse. The more time spent on considering its pros and cons, the more likely it will be an investment with high returns.

The Best Of The Bunch Folding Rowing Machine

In the following eight exercise equipment, you will find the best folding rowing machine for your needs and wants. You have to remember that what may be the best for your exercise buddy may not be the best for you – and there’s nothing wrong with that either.

Concept2 Model E Rowing Machine

Concept2 Model E - One Of The Best Folding Rowing Machine Workout UnitThe Concpet2 Model E is a durable rower, thanks to its sturdy and strong frame made from high-carbon, powder-coated steel. The frame has a lifetime warranty against breakage, a testament to the manufacturer’s confidence in its quality.

You can select from 12 programs depending on your exercise goals for the session. For example, you may choose one of the programs with heart rate control wherein the rower makes automatic adjustments to maintain your target heart rate. You can mix and match two or three programs in a single session, if that meets your goals.

You will also be provided with the relevant workout data necessary to track your progress and formulate your exercise program. The information including time, distance, strokes, energy consumed, frequency, and pulse rate is displayed on the high-resolution LED monitor. Your workouts can be adjusted based on the information, such as aiming for increased duration and distance.

The brake system allows for variable and frictionless resistance, which means challenging workouts even for advanced exercisers. You also have the benefit of adjustable resistance – from 25 to 500 watts. Your rowing session is as smooth as can be, too, because of the top-grade rollers mounted on chrome-plated steel rails.

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Other benefits that make the Concept2 Model E the best folding rowing machine are:

Thick padding on seat
Ergonomic footplates for natural pivoting action
Transport castors for quick and easy transport
Polar T34 chest strap heart rate monitor included. Be sure to plug it into a 110-120 volt AC power source.

Stamina ATS Air Rower 1399

Stamina ATS Rowing MachineThis may be a relatively affordable product in comparison with the others here but it deserves to be called the best compact rowing machine for many reasons. First, the solid steel and aluminum frame allows its prolonged use for several years.You will appreciate its

You will appreciate its stable and sturdy design, too, especially since many rowers tend to wobble over time. Rowing machine can easily be assembled within 15 minutes or less, depending on your DIY skills. You should first read the instructions manual for better results.

The rower is also notable for its use of air resistance in creating more challenging workout; the air resistance is produced via a fan. The harder and longer you work out on the rower, the more wind resistance is created. The result: You will enjoy more intense workouts that will challenge your mind and body.

Other things to love about the best folding rowing machine are:

Padded sliding seat provides a comfortable platform
Large footpads and adjustable straps keep your feet securely in place
Brightly-lit LED monitor displays relevant information including speed, distance, time, and calories burned (i.e., for tracking purposes)
Easy-to-fold design with a folding frame and rolling wheels for fast transport

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You can use the Stamina ATS Air Rower regardless of your skill level (i.e., beginner, intermediate or advanced). You will get a great cardio and strength training workshop with its regular and proper use, guaranteed.

But a few users also complain about the slightly louder noise of the Stamina ATS Air Rower. But if you’re the type who likes to hear whooshing sounds, then this shouldn’t be a bid deal.

Velocity Exercise Magnetic Rower

Velocity Exercise Magnetic Rowing MachineThis is obviously a magnetic resistance rower designed with a drum magnetic control system coupled with an electronic tension control system. You will love its whisper quiet operations especially when it’s used in a home gym.

You can concentrate on your proper form and technique, as well as on enjoying the rowing movement, instead of being annoyed by loud whooshing sounds.

Your workouts will also be characterized by smooth rowing movements – no jarring starts and stops in between motions. You can even use it for more than 30 minutes at a time because of its smooth and strong construction.

The rower also offers numerous training programs for greater variety. You can choose a program based on your physical condition, fitness goals, and desired challenge, among other factors. You don’t have to suffer from exercise fatigue caused by boredom from performing the same exercises time and time again.

Other things to love about this best folding rowing machine are:

Easy-to-read LCD screen
Easy-to-fold frame
Ease of assembly with a few tools required
Lightweight enough for transport
Heavy-duty build for the safe use of virtually every type of person

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Padded seat for maximum comfort
Stable construction with anodized aluminum frame coupled with rectangular tubing support
Heart rate monitor included
Long seat rail can accommodate most users
Padded handles for firm and comfortable grip

But the 90-day warranty on the computer and the 30-day warranty on parts leave many buyers disappointed.

Concept 2 Model D With PM5

Concept2 Model D RowerThis is considered as one of the top folding rowing machine because of its durable frame, comfortable design, and excellent performance. The aluminum monorail frame makes it one of the most stable and sturdy rowing machines at mid-range prices.

You can get several years of use from it provided that proper maintenance measures are adopted.

The Concept 2 features a spiral damper, which allows for optimum adjustments of the airflow to the flywheel. You can have an easy or difficult workout depending on your physical condition, age, and fitness goals by adjusting the airflow. You will appreciate the flywheel design, too, because it maximizes the smooth feel of each movement while also minimizing the noise level.

Of all its features, the Performance Monitor 5 is the feature that cements its status as the best folding rowing machine for professional athletes. Known as the PM5, the sophisticated monitor displays relevant data, such as distance, duration and speed, for each session.

You can easily see the information, thanks to the backlight design, as well as store your exercise data on a USB flash drive. You also have the benefit of monitor adjustability wherein you can position the display where you prefer it.

Other features that make the Concept 2 a popular rowing machine are:

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Comfortable seat with a wide design
Padded handle provides a firm grip even with sweaty hands
Easy folding design (i.e., machine can be folded into two parts and locked into place for easy transport and storage)
Comes in two color choices, black and light gray

But you may balk at its larger size than the other compact rowing machines here. You will not think of it as a deal-breaker when you have the space for it.

Stamina Avari Magnetic Rower

Stamina Avari Magnetic Rower For WorkoutThis is also the best folding rowing machine for many people especially those who cannot afford the Concept 2 yet still want a high-performing exercise equipment. The rower is made of extruded aluminum, a lightweight yet strong and sturdy material used on many kinds of exercise machines.

The assembly is easy, too – just put three parts together with a few basic tools and you’re good to go on it. The key feature on the Stamina Avari is the sophisticated yet easy-to-use In Touch Fitness Monitor. You have everything necessary to transform your workouts from bland to fab within reach, thanks to this monitor.

You can change the resistance for an easier or harder workout, choose from 12 pre-set programs, and monitor your workout. Your workout information, such as calorie count, time spent, and distance traveled, is displayed on it.

Other features consist of a manual resistance control knob, gas shock resistance, a capacity of 250 lbs., and a comfortable padded, molded seat. The Body Trac Glider–which folds up for easy storage in a closet or corner–carries a one-year warranty on the frame and a 90-day warranty on parts.

Other features include:
Padded handlebars and seat for maximum comfort
Wide footrest
Compact dimensions without sacrificing suitability for almost all body types

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No matter your choice from among these five products, you have the assurance that you are in possession of the best folding rowing machine! Your investment in it will yield high returns if and when you use it on regular basis and in a proper manner. Start now and enjoy the benefits of cardio and strength training exercises.