The Best Fast Fat Burning Exercises At Home Quick Guide

The Best Fast Fat Burning Exercises At Home

Heading to the gym to take part in a workout that will make you “lean and mean” is not a bad plan. It’s actually a great one… if you can get to the gym. Sure, there are those who will say no excuses exist for not getting to the gym but, well, there are more than a few legitimate excuses why gym visits are possible. Don’t worry though. A number of fast fat burning exercises at home should do the job fairly well.

Bodyweight BasicsBodyweight Basics for Fast Fat Burning Exercises at Home

Getting your muscles engaged is a great way to stimulate the metabolism and keep fat burning. There are scores upon scores of different bodyweight exercises a person could perform. Some are way more complicated than others. Three very basic bodyweight exercises should effectively hit the upper, lower, and core muscles effectively. These fast fat burning exercises at home are:

Yes, there are some resources that suggest performing 500 repetitions is the way to go. Honestly, great results are possible with far, far less effort. Just be consistent with doing these exercises and positive results should follow.

The Pull-Up

Performing a pull-up is another great way to build up the upper body, but this is not a bodyweight exercise as a pull up bar is needed. Investing in a portable pull-up door attachment is suggested as the pull-up absolutely will help develop  a ripped upper body. It may take time to be able to perform a decent number of reps as this is one of the hardest fast fat burning exercises at home to perform.

KettlebellsFat Burning Exercises at Home With Kettlebell

All the rage today, kettlebells are known for their ability to enhance muscular endurance. They do have great value for fat burning. As is the case with bodyweight exercises, there are scores of different kettlebell exercises a person can choose to perform. The difficulty level absolutely varies from exercise to exercise. A few simple ones do help with fat burning potential.

As with bodyweight exercises and other fast fat burning exercises at home, some suggest that performing massively high repetitions of kettlebell swings will burn fat. Maybe so, but this approach is boring and only works the same muscles for far too long a period of time.

A better plan would be to pick 12 exercises and perform them non-stop for one minute each. Now, 12 minutes a day is better than nothing but it probably would be best to do additional exercises on top of the 12 minutes to get a full 20 minutes to a half-an-hour of exercising in.

Aerobics ExercisesHome Aerobics

Yes, basic aerobics training is incredibly important to burning off calories and getting the metabolism running. 20 minutes is required to get the body into fat burning mode. Mixing up a host of different aerobics-oriented exercises should easily allow for coming up with 20 minutes’ worth of exercises. Basic step aerobics combined with solo cardio kickboxing drills definitely will go a long way towards getting the body in shape.

Intensity level does count for a lot when it comes to results with fast fat burning exercises at home. The higher the intensity, the more calories are going to end up being burned. Starting off at high intensity workouts is definitely not recommended. Instead, it is wise to slowly build up to high intensity aerobics work. Low intensity exercises will help develop conditioning for medium intensity ones which sets the stage for the high intensity workouts.

Therein lies another “secret” to great fast fat burning exercises at home. They do need to be performed consistently over an extended period of time in order to yield desirable results.

Don’t Overdo It

In the rush to burn off fat, people will put way too much effort into the workouts the first week or two and then burn out. They do not necessarily get bored with the workouts, they are just too tired and sore to workout anymore. The reason for this is because they beat their body down by working out too frequently. The body positively does require time to heal or else it will head to over-training mode. Once this occurs, all progress will be for nothing since exercising sessions are going to stop as well.

Medicine Ball TrainingMedicine Ball Home Excercises

The age-old medicine ball is still valuable as part of fast fat burning exercises at home programs. Medicine ball training is considered a form of free weight training. No, medicine balls are not going to provide the same resistance as dumbbells or barbells but they are more flexible in terms of the movements that can be performed.

As a result, the muscles can be hit from a variety of different angles. Considering the low weight associated with medicine balls, high repetitions can be performed.

Another variant on traditional medicine ball training is plyo-ball work. Plyo-balls are thick runner medicine balls that are light in weight. They are designed to bounce and can be utilized in a number of dynamic plyometric exercises.

Don’t Ignore Diet

Unless steps are taken to cut back on calorie intake, fast fat burning exercises at home will not going to be successful. The body has to be in a calorie deficit to lose weight. Eating too much makes entering into a calorie deficit very difficult. Burning up 400 calories a day is not going to help much if you are overeating 700 calories per day due to high-fat and high-sugar food intake.

What is the best advice to provide to people interested in shedding weight at home? Get started as soon as possible. Don’t waste time. Get the program started.