5 Most Effective Top Ab Exercises For Women: Better Looking Abs Now!

5 Top Ab Exercises For Women

Effective Top Ab Exercises For Women

Do you want to have better-looking abs? Most of us would surely have “Yes” for an answer!

Everyone wants them but the majority don’t know how to build them. So we prepared a list of specially developed routines which we call our top ab exercises for women.

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1. Plank Wheel

The first routine in our top ab exercises for women is called plank wheel. This will not only target your abdominal muscles but would also help strengthen most of the major muscle groups in your body. Here’s how:

• Start in a plank position by placing your hands underneath your shoulders while keeping your body straight and abs engaged.
• Use your hands as a pivot joint and rotate as you walk your feet to form a wheel.
• Maintain your body properly aligned with your head in a neutral position and hips should be low while you are moving.
• Perform one full rotation on each direction.

2. Side Plank and Twist

Moving on to our second item in our list of top ab exercises for women, we now come to the routine which is called the side plank and twist. This workout targets your abdominal muscles, obliques, and your hip muscles and it also improves your balance. Side plank and twist needs a lot more effort because you need to put your entire body weight in one arm. Here’s how:

• Get into side plank position placing your right lower arm with palm down and your feet heap up on top of the other for support.
• Place your left hand on your ear and breath in to prepare.
• Breathe out, abs engaged and twist your upper body to the right side. Hold for 2 seconds then return to your original position and continue twisting between 6 to 8 times.
• Switch to your left side and repeat the steps. Do this in 2 sets.

3. The Russian Twist

This is one of the best routines in our 5 top ab exercises for women because it specifically targets your abdominal muscle so you can have those perfect abs. This exercise also helps to maintain a good posture and strengthens your back. Are you excited? Let’s do it! Here’s how:

• Sit on the floor with knees bent keeping your legs together and your heels pointed on the ground.
• Slightly lean back in a 45 degree angle and make sure to keep your back straight, not curved.
• Place your arms slightly extended in front of you with your hand on top of the other and place your hands at the level of your chest.
• Let your abs tighten breath in through the center then twist slowly to the left side and breath out. Twist as much as you can and make sure to twist with your abs, not your arms.
• Breath in through the center then twists to the opposite side. Do 2 sets between 6 to 8 times.
• If you want to increase the difficulty of this ab exercise, hold a five-pound dumbbell or medicine ball.

4. The Double Crunch

Double Crunch is another routine that will give you better abs that’s why we have it on our list of top ab exercises for women. Here’s how:

• Lie flat on the floor then slowly lift your arms straight upwards and your legs to a 90 degree angle.
• Let your abs engaged and slowly lift your shoulders and pelvis off the floor then touch your fingers to your toes.
• Keep your abs engaged then slowly lower them back to the original position.
• Do this between 16-20 times.

5. The Hanging Ab Curls

Hanging Ab Curls is one of the top ab exercises for women that is quite intense but extremely effective. You need to exert a lot more strength and in order to attain that you should perform a warm-up exercise first. Here’s how:

• Start in a standing position and using a pull-up bar, grip your hands on the bar facing toward each other.
• Hang your legs straight, breath in and out, abs engaged then bend your knees and slowly lift them towards your chest.
• Slowly lower your legs in a straight position and then repeat for 10 to 12 times.

Always remember that these exercises will not turn out perfectly if you won’t implement a healthy diet. So strictly include in your routine healthy foods too. These top ab exercises for women should be part of your regimen in order to see the better results. Build a healthier life to make out the best in you.